praise “My husband and I hired Say I do to Details team to coordinate our wedding July 2016, and they did a truly incredible job. We had a big outdoor space by the beach in Malibu to get married, with only a few power outlets and that was it ! No bathrooms, no tables or chairs just the venue. They organized everything from luxury mobile bathrooms to the smallest items, yet very important details such party favors, guest book and etc, they did it all. Sandra and Paola did a wonderful job on delivering seamlessly all the visions we had for that very special day. Up to this day, all of my guests are still talking about how perfect and amazing my wedding was. We had so many compliments. I am so glad we decided to hire Say I Do To Details, without them guiding and helping us, I’m not sure we could have had such an amazing wedding. Thank you again for the beautiful and detailed work !”
Mr. and Mrs. Ivo Costa

praise “We are so incredibly fortunate to have found Say I Do To Details and have them on board to coordinate our wedding in November 2016! Where do we start? Paola is nothing short of amazing. Her dedication, thoroughness and kindness showed in every step of the way, going above and beyond the call of duty. It is undeniably clear that she cared so much for us and for our wedding day. We of course had a ton of moving parts for the wedding, from vendors, to traveling families/bridal parties, to our large amount of DYI projects for which we had very specific visions, as well as some pretty unique requests for our “first dance”, ceremony, and reception. Paola made sure to meet up with us, jump on phone calls, and keep up with texts/emails to ensure she had everything straight and to really understand what we wanted. She reached out to all of our vendors, made a timeline that everyone was aware of and consistently kept it up-to-date with any changes we had. She had all sorts of suggestions and advice for basically everything we had questions about such as linens, photographers, DJs, our venue, schedule of events, and even our marriage license process! She even pointed out things that we would’ve left out and gave us tons of options of how we might want to do things based on her experience and expertise. Her seamless work made those weeks, days and moments of the wedding a lot easier. And on the day of, we were so happy to see her. It was like seeing a trusted friend who had helped us get there; she was someone we knew we could depend on for the rest of the day. And boy was she a savior that day. There was a moment where one of the guests was bringing me down, and Paola took the time to not only console me, but really speak to me and remind me of who I was, where I was, and what I wanted. I am so thankful she was there — She said exactly the right things at the right time with the most genuine of hearts. So, believe us when we say you are in good hands with Paola and Sandra from Say I Do To The Details. They are warm, attentive, and everything you can ask for when looking for someone to help you plan and coordinate your wedding day.”
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Bogovich

praise “I cannot say enough as to how impressed I was with Paola and her team!!! I hired Paola to help me plan my wedding this past April and she went above and beyond what I could have ever imagined! Her professionalism, creativity and hard work was demonstrated throughout the entire process of the planning. I had so many guests comment as to how great Paola and her team was with everything they had put together for that day. I would not have had my dream wedding without them. They made my “special” day go so smoothly and absolutely the best day ever for my husband and I. Below are some highlights as to why I would recommend her to anyone and why I would hire them again for future events. -Extremely responsive to all emails, phone calls and texts -Has lots of contacts in the industry to get the best value with vendors -Works around the clock to get the job done -Brings many great ideas to the planning process -Flexible but also very detail oriented -Added services to help me out outside our contract -Puts together an AMAZING dessert bar and even let me borrow her stands for free! -Travels outside of LA -Organized (all my vendors were also impressed with her and her detailed timeline for the day of) -A nice and pleasant person to work with”
Mr. and Mrs. Esposito

praise“Paola and Sandra planned my wedding in Carmel, California on October 15th, 2016 at the Bernardus Spa and Lodge.  Pre-Wedding: I went back and fourth trying to decide if I should hire a planner from Carmel or closer to where I live (Los Angeles). Meeting with multiple planners in both areas, I knew after I was recommended by a friend to meet with Paola and she explained all the benefits and the wedding planning process that I needed someone near me to keep me on track, and Say I Do to Details here in Los Angeles was the company for me.  I wasn’t the easiest bride to deal with because I needed someone to keep me on track in the wedding process (I am a procrastinator) and I had spent a large potion of my budget on my venue (before I hired Say I Do to Details). Paola and Sandra hustled to find me the best deals and showed me tricks and tips to save money along the way.   Although they were not from Northern California, Paola and Sandra researched vendors, traveled for appointments, and provided quality insight into narrowing down the best options for all of my wedding day decisions. Their frequently used vendors here in LA also gave me quotes to travel up to Carmel (because of the cost difference and high quality I ended up choosing 2 of them and saving a bunch of money).  Wedding Day: The best part about hiring Say I Do to Details was I didn’t have to worry about anything the day of my wedding. My friends and family kept telling me “you are oddly calm for a bride that is about to be married,” and I was. I was able to take a step back from all of the planning and REALLY enjoy my special day with my husband, which not a lot of brides get to do. I never wondered what was next in the timeline and got to spend quality time with all of my favorite people whether it was on the dance floor, in the photo booth, or chatting next to the bar. I also got to eat throughout the night the very expensive meals that we paid for, which I hear is also rare for brides.  They contacted all of the vendors a couple weeks before with a timeline and directed them where to go the day of, they handed out any final payments and tips, they decorated the entire venue without me having to tell them where I wanted anything, they were the “behind the scenes” people managing all of the flow throughout the night that made everything run SOO smoothly, and stayed late to cleanup afterwards and organized everything I needed to take home.  A couple of the smaller details that really made a difference: sending down a tray of the passed hors d’oeuvres and champagne for us to enjoy during cocktail hour when we were still taking photos, they helped me organize a surprise bagpiper for my husband  during my thank you speech at the reception (he is first generation Scottish), they helped me put ribbons and “thank you” notes on my Voluspa Candles I gave out as gifts (they also hooked me up with an amazing discount on the candles so that it seemed like I spent a lot more than what I did on them), and Paola surprised us by putting some of the late night snacks, two slices of cake, and bottle of champagne in our room in case we didn’t get any at the end of the night.  It was THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!! I couldn’t have asked for more. I am so happy I went with Say I Do to Details and have already recommended to multiple people that have hired them. They went above and beyond every step of the way and were there for me with anything I needed. Thank you Paola and Sandra!!!!”
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Jackson

praise “Say I Do to the Details came highly recommended to my now husband and I back in April of 2014, this was recently after we had gotten engaged. We hired Paola in May of 2014 almost 2 years prior to our wedding in Temecula CA. We did not know what to expect when hiring a wedding planner but we are so glad we did! Paola has been a lifesaver and stress reliever over the past 2 years. She worked with me every step of the way. She was a sounding board for creative ideas, she helped me to refine my vision and of course Pintrest page, she helped me stay on schedule with all my planning, select the perfect vendors, come to any pre-planning meeting I asked her to attend, and was always there for me during any bridal freak out moment. She was like the perfect bridesmaid that just happened to know how to plan a wedding. Not only was she there for all my texts, emails and calls during our 2 year engagement, she was there for my husband, our crazy families and of course me throughout the entire weekend of our wedding. Our wedding was perfect in every way because of Say I Do to the Details. I did not stress once the day of because I knew Paola and her team would take care of anything needed. We also hired her service, Lady In Waiting, which was the best decision! Vicki, our Lady in Waiting was spectacular, she not only, helped us clean up our hotel room for the photographer and order food for our wedding party of over 30 people she even took care of our dog all day (picking him up from doggy daycare and dropping him back off after the wedding) she even handmade me a new “something blue” garter when I couldn’t find mine. Paola and Sandra throughout the whole day made sure all the vendors were on schedule, and doing the right thing to make our dream wedding come true! Paola even added special touches to everything surprising me with each moment throughout the whole wedding! Our wedding is a day we will remember for the rest of our lives and was truly perfect in every way and a big reason for that is because of Say I Do to the Details! Thank you Paola, Sandra and Vicki! You 3 were truly AMAZING!”
Mr. and Mrs. Miller