It’s such an old saying, and we all have said it and we all continue to say over and over that “Time flies” – It does seems that time does not only flies, but it flies faster every year, and even faster when you are enjoying life and having fun. All of this to say, are we really already in the middle of July? Where did the past 6 + months go? As we look forward to all the events we still have coming up in the next half of 2017, and considering we have “neglected” our blog for the past few months, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to do a mid-year recap and quickly summarize all of the fun events we have already done this year.

We started the year with the cutest 1st year birthday party! We celebrated Bianca’s birthday with colorful flowers, fresh fruit in the sweetest farmer’s market theme. Still in January, we showered Lily Damico to welcome her baby boy Nicholas. It was a very adorable woodland. Moving on to February, we did a beautiful wedding for Natalie and Andrew at Carondelet House, and we are so excited to know her wedding is soon to be featured! (Stay tuned)



With a blink of an eye, we are already into March, where we planned 5 events: A Sweet Sixteen, 3 weddings and 1 beautiful Engagement Party. Did I mention that 3 out of the 5 events were all on the same day? On March 11th, the Detailists were hard at work! We started in the morning setting-up for Lindsey and Michael’s Engagement Party (be sure to catch more photos on Kara’s party Ideas) and by mid-day, Sandra and Jacky headed to Smoky Hollow Studios for Jen and Ed’s wedding, while Liz and I went to Carondelet House to set-up for Hannah and Josh’s wedding. What an eventful day, (literally) to say the least! Fast forward one week, and we are back at Carondelet to celebrate a very special Irish Wedding on Saint Patricks Day. Sophia and Doyle tied the knot in a green and fun celebration!!

As we entered April, we got a last minute phone call (“Oh, hello… you planned my son’s party last year, and we are wondering if you could it again…Did I say it’s in a week?”) And of course, we made it happen! We called our friends Mickey and Minnie, and Mickey Mouse Club House was done for Sterling’s 2nd Birthday party on April 9th. Still in April, what are the odds that we were planning not 1, but two 50th Birthday Parties, on the same day, with the same theme? Sandra organized the fun Pool Party with some great entertainment at a client’s house in Redondo Beach, while I spent hours at Smoky Hollow setting up for a Whiskey Themed 50th Birthday party that included vintage furniture, whiskey favors, chalk art and a live band! Luckily, we had a break at the end of April, as we needed to prepare to another weekend in early May with 3 weddings back to back.

So then it’s May!  Right about the time wedding season starts picking up. In the first weekend, Sandra headed to wine country with Jacky to set-up a beautiful rustic ceremony, filled with details and love. Liz and I headed to the desert in Palm Springs, to set-up a Moroccan inspired wedding at a private state. Another eventful day! Sandra endured some rain (which we were prepared for) and I endured some crazy desert winds.  As mid-night hits the clock, we head back to LA for Jackie and Alex’s wedding at the beautiful Alexandria Ballrooms in Downtown LA. And like that, we wrapped the weekend!

I then, took a personal vacation with hubby to see Japan, where I refreshed and got inspired by all the natural beauty of their Country. Sandra along with our Detailists stayed behind to set-up two birthday parties: A Super-Hero party to celebrate Mason’s 1st Birthday, and a Barbie Party to celebrate Joana’s 7th Birthday.  And as time continues to fly, we are now in June!

Mary-Yellan and Elias tied the Knot on June 3rd at Smoky Hollow, with a wedding filled with DIY. Just the following weekend, we celebrated a little princess named Sophia that turned 1, and Ana Claudia and Boyd said their “I Dos” on June 17th at a local church in Redondo Beach, followed by an intimate reception in the Marina.

We started July with a beautiful, heartfelt wedding for Kyle and Katie at Carondelet House, followed by my nephew’s 4th birthday party. The theme you ask? Wait for it, Wait for it, Wait for it…. Super Heroes (No, it never gets old)

And just like that, we have summarized 6+ months of beautiful and fun events! It’s a wrap for now (at least until mid-July)The month is not yet over, nor our events! Stay tuned as we keep you posted with all of our upcoming events.

Until then, enjoy your summer



Event Planner & Detailist