A Year in Review

Let’s just start by saying that I feel extremely embarrassed, considering I haven’t  “blogged” since July of 2017! I blinked and here we are!  Trust me when I say I meant to blog, to post after each event, to share DYI ideas and random thoughts…but life happened, and I failed miserably on that mission. However, rather than feeling guilty about it, I will try to focus on all the things that I did accomplish, and I like to think they are the reason I didn’t have a chance to blog.

2018 was an incredible year for Say I Do to Details! It was also challenging in many different ways. We planned just about 50 events in total, we made new friends, we learned new lessons, and we opened our own office! (Office, Store, Studio, Party Shop, Girl Gang Hub) – Opening our own location was a long time dream of ours. As event planners, we don’t “need” an office, as we meet clients on site, coffee shops, and we can even handle our meetings virtually through Video Calls. But as our brand grew, and so did our dreams, having an office was like a “trophy” for us. So we decided to pursue this dream of ours. We stumbled upon a location in Redondo Beach, we contacted the agent, (with excitement and a LOT OF fear,) and we made an offer! Our exact words were ” If it is meant to be, it will find its way” – and so it did ! Our offer was accepted, and we took on this huge but rewarding responsibility! We remodeled for almost two months. We turned the place around, and created the space of our dreams!

To celebrate our victory, we had a soft opening party in late May, and our store is now open Monday – Friday from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. Meetings are done by appointment only. If you haven’t had a chance to come by, please come say hi soon.

Here are a few photos, from concept to reality,  including a before and after!


This major milestone in our event planning career, have been an amazing adventure this far and we are so excited for what 2019 will bring to our little space. We are almost done with the store website, and we plan to focus our marketing efforts, so we can hopefully become the number 1 party boutique in the South Bay.

Back to the many things that kept us busy this year, to be exact, we did 29 weddings, and 21 events! We worked at the new venues, met new vendors, built new relationships, and embraced the Community Over Competition movement, where we partner, support and help fellow industry planners and vendors.

Looking back in January 2018, we started the year with a fusion Indian/American wedding at the Natural History Museum Downtown in Los Angeles. Christine and Adi tied the knot at the Dinosaur Hall, and had the cutest DYI centerpieces made by the bride’s family. These centerpieces were made out of straws, and you would have never known, unless I told you.

Still in January, we had a wedding at the beloved South Bay event space, Smoky Hollow. Hannah and Jason had a ceremony at the beautiful church in Palos Verdes, followed by a reception at Smoky Hollow. Hannah’s dress give us all those Fairytale feels, not to mentioned how stunning she looked. Her flowers were also to die for, and her bouquet still got me speechless!

As we enter the month of February, we thank God we actually didn’t have any events. It just so worked out that this was the month in which we signed our lease, and our energy and focus had to be in our office. (as you can see from the previous pictures) Sandra took a much needed vacation to Brazil, where she recharged and came back ready to take on 2018.

March on the other hand, was a busy month! For me personally, it was a challenging one, as we had a destination wedding in San Juan Capistrano, and that was the first time I traveled without my daughter Dahlia Rose. We spent two long nights without each other. The events however, went without a glitch, and even the rain in San Juan Capistrano did not stop our beautiful event. We also also showered the beautiful now Mrs. Cayton and we also did our first wedding at the Ebell in Los Angeles.

Fast forward to April, and it was a busy month with a total of 5 events! We started the month with Sterling’s 4th Birthday party (3rd planned by us), followed by a “4.20” inspired wedding, (literally, with “weed favors” for guests), than three events on April 21st, at Carondelet and Smoky Hollow and China Town respectively,  and closing the month on April 28th with another beautiful event at the Natural History Museum.


And just like that it is May. May was special, as it was my first mother’s day. I spent time with my daughter and felt truly special. In the month of May, we also had a super fun Indian/American fusion wedding at Smoky Hollow. It was over a year planning with the sweetest bride Gwenn, and I was so pleased with the results. We also celebrated Joanna’s 8th birthday party, and planned the sweetest first birthday party for Maite.


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Nice to meet you!

Hello you,

We are so glad you have come across “the world” of Say I Do to Details! A world that is colorful, happy, and fun! Here you will find planning tips, design inspiration, DYI projects, and so much more. We will share our recent work, our crazy ideas, and our random thoughts. We hope you will get to see our personalities, learn about our individual styles, and even get to know our dreams!

So to start off our new adventure, please meet The Detailists:

Paola Franco

Main obsession: Nails

Favorite Accessory: Shoes (High Heels)

Favorite Food: Chocolate

Words to live by: Live, Love & Dance

Sandra Favero:

Main Obsession: Crafts

Favorite Accessory: Shoes

Favorite Food: Potatoes

Words to live by: Never give up

Jaclyn Mundy

Main Obsession: Synchronized Swimming

Favorite Accessory: A good Lipstick

Favorite Food: Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream

Words to live by: Try your best and have fun

We look forward to sharing this journey with you!


Photos Credit: Anya Kernes Photography

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